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TEK'S POLICE™ CUSTOM Sacramento Mounted Police Boots

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Teks Police
TEK'S POLICE™ CUSTOM Sacramento Mounted Police Boots
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Our Tek's Police Stock Sacramento mounted police boots are made exclusively for Tek's Police, with a full leather lining. Extremely high quality and ideal for mounted police officers.

Call for sizing information sheet. 1-888-668-6860



The Sacramento Boot is now Canadian made exclusively for "TEK'S POLICE" . Full leather lining and a 3/4" triple-ribbed steel shank. Soles: Vibram 100, Vibram 430 Sole or a Double Leather Sole. ***Call for sizing information sheet. 1-888-668-6860.

Measuring Guide

Do you have any foot problems like bunions, swelling, corns, calluses, or any bones in the foot or ankle that have been broken in the past? Please note this in the remarks area of the order form. DO NOT MEASURE YOURSELF! Whenever possible always have a friend for family member measure for you as this will produce much more accurate results. It is also preferable to take the measurements over breeches and socks to be worn while wearing the boots. If you must measure over a bare leg, indicate this on the form.

Drawing. While standing, trace each foot outline on the form, with equal weight on both feet. Be sure to hold the pen (or pencil) perpendicular to the paper - or the tracing won’t be accurate

Step 2. Ball of the foot (from the big toe joint over the little toe joint) with a tape measure. Pull the tape snug, but not too tight, and measure to the nearest 1/8th inch.

Step 3. Waist measurement, the narrowest part behind the ball of the foot.

Step 4a. Instep measurement. This is the highest point of the top ofthe foot. Slide your finger along the outside of the foot until you come to a small bone that sticks out.

Step 4b. Wrap the tape around the foot at that point (snug, not tight) and record the measurement

Step 5. The heel measurement is taken diagonally at the widest point. from the back of the foot to where the front of the leg meets the top of the foot. Make sure the sock is not bunched up.

Step 6. The calf measurement is taken at the widest point of the calf. Slide the tape up and down to find this spot.

Step 7A. To measure the boot top, with your fingers, find the point on the inside where the knee bone comes out.

Step 7A. With the leg held straight up and down, wrap the tape under the bone and straight across.

Step 8. Measure the boot height with the tape, from the point under the knee bone. Hold the tape in place at the top and bring it down to the floor (avoid a sagging or drooping tapes). Then add at least 1 1/4 inch to this measurement to take care of wrinkling in the ankle.