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Dehner's Stock patrol, Laced instep for Mounted Boots

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Dehner's Stock patrol, Laced instep for Mounted Boots
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Our Dehner's stock laced mounted police boots are the most popular mounted police officer boots in the world. Constructed with Voyager vamps and a high quality Majilite in the leg.

Sizes 7,14 & 15 are non returnable.
EE sizes are not returnable in in any size

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Lacing Instructions

As you can see from the diagram, we lace the boots from both sides to the middle. This diagram shows how to lace our 9 eyelet Field Boots and our Bal-Patrol Boots. For our 7 eyelet Field Boots, just subtract one from the top, and one from the bottom.

Start by inserting lace at eyelet number 1 and exiting at number 10. With the two ends of equal length, proceed through the eyelets as numbered (1-9 then 10-18). The ends will meet in the middle. The lace passes from outside to inside on the eyelets colored GREEN in the diagram and from inside to outside on the eyelets colored RED in the diagram.]